About Us

The Ultimate Aim:

“ Kraftout ( A project by Rushabh Enterprise ) was started with only one aim to bring simple yet exciting and innovative and useful products from all across the globe on one single platform “

The Team And Idea:

The team of Kraftout has known each other for more than 7 years now. During the college years we developed common love for collecting creative and useful products from local markets. There was always a discussion on existing products and how it could have been bettered with some additional features. We always wanted to share our love for such products with the world, however we had very limited resources to start with.

A year after college, when we met taking time out of busy job schedules, the idea of Kraftout was born and we instantly sealed the idea. Work began the very next day.

The Fall Of 2014:

After some research the team decided to start with a clothing line which seemed to be a piece of cake then. Being from engineering background the technical data and coding part was sorted out in a couple of days time (obviously it took a lot of time to validate it) and interactions with manufacturers began. The clothing line required huge volume orders to work with the best manufacturers. Us being bootstrapped (we still are), found a smaller one. But due to one reason or the other, we failed at design selection, sampling stages and approval stages. One fine day, after receiving some samples which were not up to the mark, we decided to call off the project.

The Rise Of The Pheonix:

Demoralized but never lost, we sat around and analyzed what went wrong. We tried too many variants altogether and failed. This time we had learnt from our mistakes. We stood up a little wiser and more dedicated to deliver the products that would actually make a difference. This is when we decided to concentrate on one product at a time and get the best out of it. This is when the idea of reusable notebook (doodlepad) came along and we listed down its applications. The project took a fast pace from prototyping to manufacturing. Today, here we are with our very first product (with many more to come) made with utmost love to make your life simpler.

We hope you find our ideas as useful as we think they are and keep supporting us so that someday we can write a better success story.