8 Products To Make Your Travel Easier This Festive Season

Pop Up Lantern


India’s most celebrated festival Diwali is just around the corner and for those of you who have travel plans ( OR NOT ) this festive season we have selected some of our personal favourite products from Amazon India that would make your travel easier and fun. Also these products wont burn a hole in your pockets.  Even if you are not travelling these products are not be missed.

  1. Rewind

Music and Travel go hand in hand. But earphones entangling can be frustrating and can ruin the whole travel experience. This little cord management solution from Witworks works like Magic.  Simply Insert your Earphones through the slits and pull up until the volume rockers are on the top.  Rewind stays on your earphones and even makes you look awesome. Simple yet brilliant solution to a worldwide cable entanglement problem.





2. Wallet Ninja

This super thin credit card sized product can come in handy in any situation may it be opening bottles or tightening up some screws.  It can perform up to 18 functions and for the price that is comes it is an absolute must have.

Wallet NinjaWallet Ninja



3. Pop Up Lantern

If you are fond of camping this little gadget is a utility to have. Its space saving design helps you pack easily and you can use the light whenever and wherever you please.  It can also come in handy as emergency lights or simply use them during diwali to celebrate the festival of lights.

Pop Up LanternLantern2

4. Lifestraw

Clean water is a luxury these days and hence this product is our personal favourite. With lifestraw  you can now have clean and pure water anywhere without having to worry about buying bottled water.  Lifestraw can filter up to 1000 litres of water and allows you to drink water directly from lakes or streams.




5. Multi Functional Organiser Bag

Tablets, Mobile, Music players, chargers, Powerbanks,  data cables, pendrives, hard drives and the list are endless. All these go with you wherever you go and life comes to a standstill if you cannot find any one of these. This gadget bag not only protects but helps you organise all you devices in one place. You now know where to look for when you are in need for that data cable or a cell phone charger instead of turning and twisting your travelling bags all over.




6. Gemklips

We recently got our hand on these amazingly simple Jumbo Clips and we were surprised to see the functions these simple clips can do. Keep a few clips in your handbag and you shall not regret it. These clips can be used as bookmarks, shopping bags holder, clothes hanger and the possibilities are endless. Get them and see what you can do. Do not miss the video.



7. Jarry

When you are travelling you may not be able to carry your favourite coffee mug with you or your juice bottles may not fit in your bags. Jarrry can come to rescue. This super flexible silicon product can turn jars or bottles into coffee and tea mugs. All you have to do is just strap around the bottle and you are ready to sip your coffee.



8. Magic Napkins

When we first saw this product we didn’t believe our eyes. It was an absolute delight to see a small tablet turn into a full fledged napkin when few drops of water were poured on it.  These highly compressed napkin tablets from Swaroop Industry are a must have for your journeys. They save space and do not get clumsy like other paper napkins. Watch the video if you don’t believe us.




Image Credits : Amazon India (www.amazon.in)