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Doodle pad is our first minimally designed reusable notebook. Doodle pad has the same properties of a whiteboard where you can write and erase but at the same time it is very portable and could carried around just like a regular notebook. Use it to draw ideas or take notes or just keep doodling to get the super smooth writing experience.

The cover design is inspired by a growing tree which spreads freshness around it. Let us add more colors to our lives and spread joy and happiness wherever life takes us.

Cover Design: Shubhra



 Spiral Binding With Hard Bound Cover






 18 Sheets / 36 Pages
 (10 Blank Sheets, 4 Ruled Sheets, 4 Grid Sheets)


Each Doodle pad comes with 2 scribblers (Our own dry erase Makers with Eraser). We suggest you use our markers for the best writing experience however you can use any whiteboard marker or dry erase marker.

Note: If you feel that the pages are stained with colour of the markers even after erasing do not hesitate to wipe of the pages with a damp or wet cloth to get back the white shiny pages again.

Caution: Please DO NOT use Permanent Markers or OHP markers as they will not erase from the pages.





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