Lyft - The Portable Laptop and Mobile Desk

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Introducing Lyft - your very own portable lapdesk carefully designed for professionals, designers and gamers.

Lyft is ergonomically designed to accommodate your laptop, cellphones, USB devices on one “slate” and create a comfortable working desk on your lap. Now work freely from wherever your heart wishes without having to tackle the problems of keeping all things together.



  • Heat Sink - Lyft gives you a well designed natural heat sink for laptops, where air flow is continuous even when used on table tops. Lyft also ensures a safe distance between your lap and your laptop.
  • Portable - Lyft is slim and easy to carry. It can easily fit in your car and occupies minimum space. You can now carry your workstation even if you are travelling.
  • Posture - Lyft encourages correct posture to sit. You don’t have to bend to access a mouse or a cell phone while sitting on a sofa or on a bed. Everything is just where it should be.
  • Mobile and Tablet dock - Lyft has cell phone and tablet docks allowing you to keep your cell phones in sight thereby never missing that all-important call while working.
  • USB and Pen Pocket - Lyft has dedicated pockets to keep your USB Pendrives or pens and pencils. Everything is within your reach without the fear of anything falling apart or getting lost.

Where can you use the Lyft ?

  • Bed
  • Sofa
  • Working inside the cars while travelling.
  • Bean Bag
  • Floor
  • On top of existing tables to have everything within your reach!


Why lyft was made (Story)?

Lyft was idea born out of need. Every laptop user struggles managing his laptop while on his laps. There were existing solutions like laptop desk but they are bulky and can only be comfortable when you are using it on a bed and have a lot of leg space. A solution was required where a product can be dedicated to laptops and could help organise its accessories with ease. Hence, Lyft was designed. After several prototypes and brainstorming sessions we got a final product ready which we thought would be the best solution.

Lyft is ergonomically designed and carefully thought-out with the best quality anti slip finish which is pleasing to the eye. Each hole on the Lyft is CNC routed with high precision giving it an immaculate finish. Each airflow duct is thought of to give a smooth airflow.