Scribblers (Pack of 10)

Rs : 149.00

After a lot of testing and trials we have come up with the markers best suited for the use on doodle pad.

These Mini Makers come with an Eraser on the head to wipe off and are Dry Erase.

 Marker Type

 Dry Erase Marker Non-Permanent with Eraser



 Tip Size

 1 mm


 Pack of 10



These are best suited for writing and drawing with big and bold lines. The tip of these markers is slightly thicker than pen or pencil. Suited for drawing rough sketches or writing down points or just doodling. The ink will stay on for days until wiped off.

Instruction for Usage and Wipe Off:

We suggest you to wait for 3 to 4 seconds for the ink to dry before switching the pages or closing the diary to avoid smudging and impressions on the other page. These markers ink can easily be wiped off with the eraser on the cap or with a cloth. In case the ink has stayed on for days we suggest you use a damp cloth and wipe it off for best cleaning.

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