doodle pad

Introducing India’s first Reusable Whiteboard Notebook with a special dry erase film coating that makes writing and erasing a unique experience.

Doodle Writing pad

Why we made the doodle pad?

Over the years we saw a lot of Artists, Designers, Engineers, Developers, Architects, Accountants, Lawyers, Students and even children doodle semi-finished ideas, drawings or notes on paper or whiteboards.
While working on paper, it is not easy to wipe off the mistakes and we are forced to start all over again, not to mention the waste of paper in the process!!
Whiteboards, on the other hand, are much convenient alternative to explain ideas but then again the ideas stay on the wall and not with you. In addition, whiteboards occupy a lot of space.
To overcome these problems i.e. reusability and portability, we brought the whiteboard experience into a Compact Portable Notebook which you can carry everyday with you.
To make it useful for various professions, we have created one common doodle pad comprising of blank, ruled and grid pages compiled into one single notebook so you don’t have to switch notebooks for different purposes.

Our patrons doodle pad

An Engineer’s doodle pad

Whether you are studying engineering or you are already a master at it, you can now solve the most complex of equations or write algorithms and explain them easily or plot graphs with much ease without having to rewrite or scribble over the mistakes. In case you make any, just wipe it off and carry on from there. How simple is that !

reusable writing pad
engineers notepad
A Designer’s doodle pad

Whether a professional or an aspiring designer, doodle pad is a must have for you. Keep drawing the ideas onto the doodle pad until you get them correct. Also use our special colorful markers to bring life to your designs.

A Student’s doodle pad

Physics, Chemistry, Math, Computers, Accounts are now just fun to learn. Write them BIG, write them Bold. Wipe it off and write again till you master it. Discuss various concepts with your friends with ease.

whiteboard notepad
A Professional’s doodle pad

No company goes big without their hard working employees brainstorming big ideas and executing them. Take meeting notes, plan daily tasks and wipe them off as and when they are completed, plot performance graphs or just do it all. The list is endless.

Household doodle pad

How can we forget this. Keep Doodling while you speak on the phone (yes, we all do it), Note down telephone numbers, sum up daily accounts, write your recipes and take them to the kitchen with you, create lists of groceries and so much more. The DoodlePad will do it all for you.

A Traveler’s doodle pad

A traveler’s diary is the best one to read with all his journeys and challenges. Plan your travels and keep a record of the wonderful experiences. After your travel, just take a picture of the pages from your smartphone (yes, we all have one now) to make your memories permanent and wipe off the diary to make it ready for your new travel plan.

We can go on and on with the list. But we want you to share your experience with the doodle pad and how you are using It. Write us your feedback along with your doodle images at and the best ones we shall put up on our website.