The Team


CEO as he likes to call himself, Gururaj is the one who moves things around at Kraftout (Quite Literally). He is the man who gets the things done. An avid football lover he is on the field when not working. Having worked for some prominent IT companies Gururaj brings that expertise of Networking and Data Sharing to the company.


With love for music, sports and food alike bhaven is either plugged in with his earphones or eating. Also inspired by Batman he only works during the nights in search for products people will use by the day. Working in a Manufacturing Industry, Bhaven knows how to plan a product from building a prototype to getting a finished product.


Rahul (Naam toh suna hi hoga) is the most hardworking member of the team. Be it from software testing to execution of a plan Rahul is the man. Rahul loves reading in his free time. Being a computer engineer himself Rahul looks after every small details on the web platform and has a plan for everything.


Nicknamed Don, Anurag is our man on the battlefield with weapons of mass communications. With a Masters Degree in Marketing and his love for the digital space he is the perfect man for the job. Anurag always surprises us his untimely jokes and his out of the box ideas to engage people. Anurag loves to travel and we are just lucky he sits in our offices sometimes.

Parth Mevada

Parth is a full time architect and a interior designer by profession and a product designer by heart.He loves making products and always making something beautiful out of the waste. His workspace is made up of all things waste turned into beautiful functional objects. With strong expertise in aesthetics and design parth helps brings ideas on paper to life. His hard working ethics pushes everyone else to innovate more and help solve bigger problems.