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We know we are not alone who wants to build great products. There may be others who are already doing so and maybe better than us. We want to meet such people who share the same vision.

We are a small team (as of now) who works hard on making new products but we also know our limitations, but our vision is not limited. We want to make a community where people with different expertise come together to show their capabilities and their products to the world.

But products are a very vast category so what categories will Kraftout cater to?

The answer is very simple. The only category we have defined is that the product should be consumer friendly and should bring a smile to their face. It could be as simple as everyday utility to as complex as handmade jewellery. It could be a masterpiece from a painter or a soothing track from a musician. It could be custom made furniture or it could be an engineering marvel. We are in it for everything.

So if you are an artist, a painter, a maker, a designer, an exhibitor, a distributor or a manufacturer, we want to join hands with you if you feel your products will make our patrons happy.

Please fill the adjacent form with your company and product details or simply write us at the below email id and we shall get back to you.